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Born as a woman, we always wonder if we could have it all. It has always been the biggest issue about being a woman. Some women need to give up on their career in order to take care of their family, while the others abandon their family to pursue their career. Our Srikandi for this September issue is Tamara Wulandari. Tamara herself is a reservoir engineer who has been working with TOTAL S.A for 7 years! Having a hectic schedule as a career woman doesn't stop her to pursue a higher degree. Tamara will reveal her secret on how to balance her life between study, career and family. Bellow is our interview with this inspirational lady:


Hi Tamara, let's talk a little bit about yourself. Can you tell us about passions, your career path and also your background of study?

Hi all, 
Thanks to let me be part of this awesome web :)

My name is Tamara, you may call me Tamy. I'm a 29 years old female. Still single and happy :D 

I work as a Reservoir Engineer (also known as Subsurface Engineer, or some people may also refer it as Petroleum Engineer) in Total S.A. I've been working for 7 years there. I started my job in Balikpapan, then I was fortunate enough to be expatriated to Paris, Venezuela, Congo, and UK. I got my B.Eng. from Chemical Engineering, University of Indonesia. And now, I just finished my Msc in Petroleum Engineering, Imperial College London.

Now, I want to gain more experiences in the UK. But I always consider to come back to Indonesia, after I have many international experiences, to work in the Indonesian regulator side (a.k.a government side). Controlling all the international oil and gas companies in Indonesia, and in charge for the planning of Indonesian oil and gas industry.

I love my job. I never feel that I'm working when I work actually. Long hours work leading to perfection is my hobby. I love all of those appreciations and acknowledgements on your good results. Many people, well most people told me that I'm a workaholic.. But, the thing is, I didn't feel like I was working. I'm just doing my hobby. That's all. 

And it is always my passion to keep working in my subject, Reservoir Engineering. It is a challenging job. I always like this job, cause we're the master planner of the field development plan. How the wells will be drilled, When, How many, How long, etc. Delicate thoughts and many technical (and economical) considerations have to be taken. And then after I got more managerial experiences, I would like to change into more the business sight, not only technical.

Why did you decide to pursue a higher degree when you already a success career woman? 

I always want to continue my education. But always be too busy with work, and also no enough financial support at that time :D. Fortunately nowadays there're more scholarship opportunities. And i'm lucky enough to get one of those scholarships. So, here i am.

Will you leave your job once you have your own children/husband/family to take care of?

Nope. hehe. I can not imagine myself to leave my job.  I could bang my head on the wall everyday if i'm not working anymore. I love my job. 

As a woman, what do you think about family vs career?

I always respect woman who decide to be a housewife. But, me personally, I would prefer to keep my job. But of course the priority would be different. I would prioritize my family more, when I will have one.

What is your opinion about women empowerment?

Women don't need gender equality everywhere. Well, at least i thought so. Why would we need one, if we could control men by what we're now. I even sometimes love to use the advantage of being women at work. Men, have their ego. Why not using it for our purpose. Tell them that we need their help. But use it for our purpose :)

But don't get it wrong. I don't like to use my physical or sexual appeal to help my career. I tends to be a cold women at work, who always gonna chase what I want. Some men (or I hate to say, sometimes the society generally), may discourage this kind of liberal and aggressive women. But, I always think, there're so many problems in life already, and I don't think they have to be part of it. Don't mind any negative opinions. 

If you're good then you're good. Good people will acknowledge it. Just keep your confidence level high. Cause if you loose it, you have nothing.

Can you share your secret with us in order to be a success career woman like you?

Never never never never give up!!; 
Be close to your friend, but be closer to your 'enemy'; 
Never show too much emotion at work. Be cold professionally, but always be warm to your team and colleagues.


The word 'Srikandi' came from the fictional character from the epic story of Mahabharata. The original story from India described Srikandi as a man, but the Indonesian adaptation of the Mahabharata series described Srikandi as a powerful woman warrior. Srikandi Indonesia is an online forum dedicated to motivate and to empower the young Indonesian women. Every month, we interview an inspirational woman with the high achievements and awards who deserve the ‘Srikandi’ title. Bellow is our interview with the outstanding young lady, our first Srikandi, Safira Lazuardi Vijaya.


Hi Safira, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi everyone! The name is Safira Lazuardi Vijaya. Shortly, call me Safira. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung. It is an engineering field which is highly dominated by men. Ratio of women in the job is only 6% worldwide ( However, the situation does not deter me to pursue my study in this field. I truly believe that through this major I am given such a great opportunity to explore my biggest passion which is energy issues. In the next 15 years, I am projecting myself to be the CEO of prominent energy company in this country. To start my journey, I will be working as a field engineer in Oil and Gas Service Company. Wish me luck guys!

Although I am taking Engineering as my major, I have great interest and passion in international publics issues such as War, Terrorism, Gender Equality, Human Rights, and many more. I also enjoy playing basketball, travelling, debating, reading, and sipping a cup of latte in quiet coffee shop. Aside from becoming the super-busy-CEO later, I have a dream to be a barista in my future owned coffee shop.

Can you tell us about your achievements and awards?

My passions have always become my driving force to achieve numerous awards both academically and non-academically. Here are some of my achievements during my study in ITB:

1.             SRIKANDI ITB 2014

2.             Total Summer School Grantee 2014

3.             The Most Outstanding Student of Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 2013

4.             1st Runner Up of Integrated Petroleum Week Debate Competition 2013

5.             1st Runner Up of Kampoeng Bola ITB 2014

6.             Grand Finalist West Java Region of Lomba Debat Aspirasi Untuk Negeri TVOne-BNI 2013

7.             2nd Runner Up of National Debating Championship 2012

8.             7th Best Speaker of National Debating Championship 2012

9.             1st Runner Up of Java Overland Varsity English Debating Championship 2011

10.          Top 15 Best Speakers of Java Overland Varsity English Debating Championship 2011

11.          Quarter Finalist of Indonesian Varsity English Debating Championship     2011

12.          Quarter Finalist of Binus International Debating Championship     2011

13.          1st Winner of Paper Presentation The 13th Annual ALSA E-Challenge Fakultas Hukum UNPAD 2013

14.          Best Delegate of UEFA Annual Assembly Indonesia Model United Nations in Universitas Indonesia 2013

15.          Harvard National Model United Nations in Special Summit of Non-Discrimination  2012

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Do you actively involved in the organizational activities during college?

Learning process isn’t always attending formal educations in class,but also actively contributing in organizations. With such principle, I joined three organizations which are:

1.             Student English Forum ITB
It is a platform for ITB Students to polish their debating skills. First time I joined the club, I only could deliver speech in less than a minute. My debate coach scolded me a lot.  After one year of extreme and harsh training, my team and I managed to grab 1st Runner Up of Java Overland Varsity English Debating Championship. SEF ITB surely shapes me from the stutter speaker into an eloquent speaker.
Aside from competitions, I contributed as SEF ITB Internal Relation Director in 2011 and acted as Tournament Director in Indonesia biggest debating tournament, IVED ITB 2013.

2.             Ganesha Model United Nations Club
I acted as Under-Secretary General of External Affairs in the club. My responsible was to conduct good communication among MUN Clubs all over Indonesia.

3.             Himpunan Mahasiswa Mesin ITB
I really love talking to new people thus I was assigned in Public Relation Division during my first year in HMM ITB. Then, I took charge as Field Commander of Fresh Members Development in 2012 who’s responsible to design and execute regeneration program for HMM ITB. Finally, I was given a mandate to hold responsible as Head of Public Affairs in 2013.
Since public speaking is my passion, I pioneered HMM Presentation Class and became primary instructor in 2013. The program aims to habituate HMM members to conduct various types of presentations.

Can you share with us your tips and tricks to achieve success? 

            Three great recipes of mine to succeed:

1.             Confidence is the best girl’s make-up”

There’s nothing sexier and prettier than a girl who is confident and brave to chase her big dream. You need to be confident and believe in yourself to access your potential.A simple thing you need to habituate: I once studied Heat Transfer, the so called as “Deadly Course” of Mechanical Engineering ITB. Everyone was panicking. People studied day and night. They kept it mind that the chance of failing this course is 80%. THAT IS A HUGE CHANCE OF FAILURE. At that time, I did not deny that Heat Transfer was frigging difficult. Unlike other people, I said it thousand times to myself, “You’re going to pass it anyway.” How difficult it would be, how sleepy I was to stay awake to study Heat Transfer, how clueless I was when I started to solve the problems, I kept it in my mind, “Safira, everything under the sun is easy. This is easy bro, why on earth you made it too difficult? You’ve passed so many difficult courses before, why can’t you this time?”. It turned out I passed the course while half of the course members failed.
No, it wasn’t because I am a smart-ass. I asked my genius friend of mine to give me a private tutor anyway. The key? Your mood and skills are determined by your confidence at that time. That’s all.
“Women need to shift form thinking "I'm not ready to do that" to thinking "I want to do that- and I'll learn by doing it.”
― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

2.             “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”

I need one year of debating to finally reach final in JOVED UGM 2011. Countless debate, intense research, and self-training are my daily meals to sharpen my skills. I have cried because I thought that I’ve reached my limits. I was thinking thousand times to quit, but I didn’t. I won as Best Delegate in UEFA Annual Assembly IMUN 2013 after I was slaughtered in HNMUN 2012. I almost did not join IMUN 2013 because I fed up with MUN. I need one year to (at least) make a single point in basketball competition representing HMM ITB. Previously, HMM ITB could not even score a single point since it was established. I failed in Total Summer School 2013 selection, but I managed to become Total Summer School 2014 Grantees. I almost did not join TSS 2014, because I did not want to lose anymore. 
After all those failures, after all the pain, after all the decision of “dude-I’m-going-to-quit”, I chose to keep striving.
Everyone sees me now as someone who always succeeds without failing. It’s totally wrong. Today’s Safira is forged through thousand failures and tears. Bitter experiences taught me not to be a quitter.

3.             “If you are grateful, I will surely give you more and more.” (Ibrahim 14:7)

I despise people who keep complaining how miserable they are. Believe me, even I snatched a lot of awards, won competitions, actively participated in three organizations, have a lot of friends, If I am not grateful of what I achieved, I will not be happy as I am now. You may say I am the happiest person on earth despite my flaws. How can you be happy and enjoy your job if you keep complaining? So, stop complaining when you feel you are the stupidest person just because you cannot concentrate in study. You got plenty of friends to give you tutor. Stop complaining when you feel you are broke. Some of my friends went home in remote area to hoe someone’s farm to get money. Stop complaining when you are rejected by job hunters. Thousands of people are grateful to work as labor in industry to feed their family. We’ve got countless blessings from God, but we deny to be grateful. That’s a pity.

Who is your role model?

I really love Sherly Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She is not a hardcore feminist that would yell “Women need to be equal with men.” Instead, she declared explicitly that “Women can’t have it all”.
“I have never met a woman, or man, who stated emphatically, "Yes, I have it all." Because no matter what any of us has—and how grateful we are for what we have—no one has it all.”
― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
In a country where the role of women to be a mother is emphasized, I think Sherly Sandberg has given us a huge help. I surely have a dream to become CEO in energy company, but also I am waiting for a moment when I curved a huge smile on my face with my husband, seeing my children are more successful (and happier) than I am. Family and career surely will be difficult to handle and go hand in hand. Nevertheless, Sherly has taught me that it is not about ‘balancing’ family and career, but it is about creating boundary and priority. And that sometimes require us to put a break on our ambitions; anger our bosses by refusing to work in our children’s birthday, making clients furious by refusing to answer their calls when we are having a coffee conversation with our husbands. The key is to define our ambitions. Our dreams and expectations shall not be set by the stereotypes that hold us back.
We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves. The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.

What is your definition of women empowerment?

For me, a great woman is the one who is passionate and confident of her dreams. If her passion is becoming F1 racer, go for it. If her passion is becoming President of Indonesia, strive for it. If her passion is becoming badminton athlete, work hard on it. If her passion is becoming businesswoman, study hard. If her passion is becoming a good housewife, enjoy it. If her passion is becoming professional engineer, nail it. Whatever her passion, she needs to be happy for it.
In the world where women could choose her passion freely without being subjected to any forces, that is my definition of Women Empowerment. Whatever her choices, as long as she chooses it rationally, she will find her path of success in her own definition. Rather than believing that “Women should excel more than men.”, I truly hold a principle of “Women are free to decide.”

What should women do in order to fulfill her dreams? 

As I have mentioned previously, in order to chase your dream you need to know yourself. Discover what you really want and explore your potential. You can never chase your dream if you don’t know what to achieve. Most of women hold themselves back because they believe someone will come over to them and offer a help. Nope. You cannot expect someone to build your dreams. You are the only one who can help yourself.
Last but not least, I always love confident women. Confident women always look more beautiful. I believe all women are pretty. But, are all of them trust themselves? Confident and bold to say loudly their dreams? Passionate to strive for her dreams despite many stereotypes subjected to them? No. Not all women can be like that. Thus, if you are able to trust yourself, you are really one of precious women who many men will chase for you crazily. Like I said, nothing is sexier than a woman who is passionate and confident to fight for her dream ;)
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Melanjutkan pendidikan ke luar negeri merupakan dambaan setiap orang. Universitas top dunia semacam Harvard, Cambridge, Standford, Yale, dll selalu menjadi incaran para pelajar dari seluruh penjuru dunia setiap tahunnya. Persentasi diterimanya pun hampir di bawah 10% untuk universitas bergengsi tersebut. Selain itu, biaya untuk melanjutkan studi di universitas ini sangat besar. Namun, hal ini sekarang tidak menjadi masalah besar karena banyak beasiswa yang dapat membantu kita kuliah di universitas top tersebut. Berikut 10 macam beasiswa paling bergengsi versi Srikandi Indonesia:

     1.       Rhodes Scholarship
    Rhodes scholarship merupakan beasiswa internasional tertua dan terbesar yang tercatat waktu itu. Beasiswa bentukan tahun 1902 ini diberi nama dari businessman asal Inggris, Cecil John Rhodes. Beasiswa ini ditujukan untuk para pelajar yang melanjutkan studi di Universitas Oxford, Inggris. Setiap tahunnya sekitar 80 pelajar terpilih sebagai Rhodes Scholar. Sayangnya, beasiswa ini hanya ditawarkan untuk pelajar asal Amerika Serikat, Australia, Bermuda, Kanada, Jerman, Hong Kong, India, Jamaika & Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afrika Selatan, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland, Zambia dan Zimbabwe saja. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

     2.       Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Beasiswa yang merupakan salah satu paling prestigious di dunia ini merupakan bentukan dari Bill dan Melinda Gates Foundation pada tahun 2000 dengan donasi sebesar US$210m. Beasiswa ini ditujukan untuk para pelajar internasional yang melanjutkan studi Master maupun Doctoralnya di Universitas Cambridge, Inggris. Beasiswa ini mengcover mulai dari biaya Universitas, biaya College, biaya hidup, biaya penelitian, tiket pesawat, hingga asuransi.Setiap tahunnya, beasiswa ini hanya diberikan kepada 100 pelajar paling berprestasi saja. Tak heran, untuk dapat mendapatkan beasiswa ini syarat serta seleksinya sangat ketat. Belum ada grantee asal Indonesia yang berhasil mendapatkan beasiswa ini. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini

     3.       Beasiswa Presiden Republik Indonesia  
Beasiswa Presiden Republik Indonesia (BPRI) merupakan beasiswa yang bertujuan untuk mempersiapkan Indonesia sebagai negara maju di tahun 2045 yang merupakan genapnya 100 tahun kemerdekaan Negara Kepulauan Republik Indonesia. Beasiswa ini merupakan kerjasama antara pihak LPDP dengan pihak Kepresidenan Indonesia dengan menggunakan Dana Pengembangan Pendidikan Nasional (DPPN). Beasiswa ini diberikan kepada 100 mahasiswa yang akan melanjutkan studi Master dan Doktoralnya di 50 Universitas terbaik dunia. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

     4.       Chevening Scholarship
Beasiswa ini ditujukan untuk pelajar dari seluruh dunia untuk melanjutkan studi Master dan Doktoralnya di Britania Raya (Inggris, Skotlandia, Irlandia Utara, Wales). Beasiswa bentukan tahun 1983 ini diberikan oleh pemerintah Britania Raya. Lebih dari 1000 pelajar dari seluruh penjuru dunia terpilih setiap tahunnya sebagai penerima beasiswa ini. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

    5.       Fulbright Scholarship
Beasiswa Fulbright dibentuk pada tahun 1946 oleh Senator Amerika Serikat, William Fulbright. Tujuan utama beasiswa ini adalah untuk menjalin kerjasama antara Amerika Serikat dan dunia lewat pertukaran pelajar, studi lanjut,serta penelitian. Setiap tahunnya lebih dari 8000 pelajar dari 155 negara terpilih untuk melanjutkan pendidikannya di Amerika Serikat. Di Indonesia, Fulbright ditangani oleh badan bernama American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF) yang terbentuk di tahun 1992. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

    6.       Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowships
Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowships merupakan beasiswa yang diberikan oleh pemerintah Australia. Beasiswa ini diberikan kepada pelajar dari Asia Pasific, Timur Tengah, Eropa dan Amerika untuk menempuh kelanjutan studinya di Australia. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

    7.       Erasmus +
Program baru bentukan Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) ini menggantikan program Erasmus Mundus yang berakhir pada tahun 2013. EACEA merupakan badan yang bertanggungjawab atas dana pemerintahan Uni Eropa di bidang pendidikan. Program baru ini memberikan beasiswa untuk studi, penelitian, pelatihan di Eropa untuk periode 2014-2020.  Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

    8.       DAAD
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) merupakan organisasi terbesar yang memberikan bantuan dana untuk pendidikan internasional. Beasiswa ini dibentuk pada tahun 1925 oleh pelajar asal Jerman, Carl Joachim Friedrich. Sejak berdiri, DAAD mempunyai total penerima beasiswa lebih dari 1,9 juta pelajar baik dari Jerman ataupun pelajar asing. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

    9.       Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
Beasiswa yang dibentuk tahun 1958 ini didirikan oleh Negarawan asal Kanada, Sidney Earle Smith. Beasiswa ini didanai oleh pemerintah dari negara-negara persemakmuran Inggris. Hingga saat ini tercatat lebih dari 27.000 penerima beasiswa. Sayangnya Indonesia tidak termasuk dalam negara penerima beasiswa ini. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

    10.       World Bank Joint Japan Graduate Scholarship Program
Beasiswa dari Pemerintahan Jepang ini didirikan pada tahun 1987. Beasiswa ini diawasi oleh World Bank melalui World Bank Institute (WBI). Hingga saat ini tercatat lebih dari 5000 pelajar terpilih dari 65.000 pendaftar. Dana yang sudah keluar hingga saat ini tercatat sebesar 200 juta US dollar. Informasi lebih lanjut tentang beasiswa ini dapat dilihat di sini.

Putri Supriandini is a founder of Srikandi Indonesia. Her father passed away in a car on bike accident leaving his jobless wife with two children. Putri witnesses her mother struggle through years collecting pennies to feed her children. Putri realizes that these unfortunate events might happen to any jobless women who always depend themselves on their husbands. These motivate Putri to empower Indonesian woman through Srikandi Indonesia.

Putri obtained her undergraduate degree at Gadjah Mada University, majoring in Geophysics. In college, Putri tried to apply several scholarships in order to help her mother paid her college fees. In 2012, Putri obtained an Erasmus Mundus scholarship which allowed her to study abroad for the first time. Putri spent her time as an Erasmus scholar at Marine Geology and Geophysics Laboratory, University of Aveiro, Portugal. Putri also involved in a scientific cruise research project in the Galician Basin, West Spain and volunteering herself in the world conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Putri also participated in several geophysics competitions. Putri won a first place in the Indonesian Geophysics Smart Competition 2013 and a third place in the Indonesian Undergraduate Geophysics Competition 2013. Putri also published scientific papers in the 75th EAGE Conference incorporating SPE EUROPEC, London 2013 & Indonesian Association of Geophysics Annual Convention (The 39th HAGI) Solo 2014. Putri also selected as an Indonesian delegate to join TOTAL Summer School 2014 in Paris, France.